Trying to deal with medical aid is a nightmare of holding on for long periods of time to be helped and then being given the run-around by the agent that you finally get to speak to. Half the time the terms used and rules invoked make little sense to anyone but the most highly trained. Is the issue with the doctor's invoice or did the medical aid make an error?

We are able to provide you with a solution that removes all the hassle and worry out of dealing with your medical aid and ensures that they pay your claims properly. We have partnered with Med ClaimAssist, a team of experts with an excellent track record in dealing with medical aids and getting your claims properly paid. Med ClaimAssist identifies exactly where the problem lies and hones in to fix it.

For only R39 per month (or R399 if paid annually) you can have Med ClaimAssist dealing with your medical aid on your behalf and ensuring that everything is done properly for every claim throughout the year.

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Once Off Service Fee


Evaluation and intervention on the query submitted. No ongoing fees.

Annual Subscription


Debited annually in the anniversary month of subscription.