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From regular check-ups at the doctor and preventative medicine to acute illnesses requiring the opinion of a specialist to chronic medications – medical bills can quickly become unaffordable. Therefore, one of the most important investment decisions you can make is choosing the most appropriate medical cover for you and your family.

At MC de Villiers, we aim to simplify the decision-making process in choosing the medical cover most suitable to your age, chronic profile, family size, fitness and day-to-day requirements to ensure you get the best value for money.

Primary healthcare
We have various primary healthcare solutions that we offer corporate clients and South Africans who are unable to afford a registered medical fund. Benefits include quality, affordable health care. Key focus areas include primary healthcare: GP consultations, acute medication, basic radiology, basic pathology, optometry, 27 chronic conditions, and basic dentistry. Major medical cover which includes accidental cover, casualty cover, maternity cover and hospitalisation may also be added.

Registered medical aid
As the cost of private healthcare has escalated, paying out of pocket for doctor’s visits, chronic medications and hospitalisation has become near impossible. With over 60 medical aid schemes in the country, choosing the right plan for you and your family can be tricky. Luckily at MC de Villiers, we are able to assist you in choosing the most appropriate and beneficial medical aid for you. Taking into account that your medical circumstances and priorities change throughout your lifetime, we are able to provide medical aid policies from the larger medical schemes in South Africa.

Wellness incentive programmes
Wellness incentive programmes can be highly beneficial as they act as a proactive healthcare plan, rewarding you for being active, making healthy dietary choices and participating on external wellness programmes. Your rewards range from cash back to a wide range of discounts.

Gap cover
Suitable gap cover can assist in protecting you against medical shortfalls during hospitalisation as well as extended benefits for oncology, emergency, casualty and co-payments for MRI and scopes.

Dreaded disease cover & disability cover
While being told, you have a serious illness is not something you ever want to hear, knowing you are covered for treatment is a financial relief. Dread(ed) disease insurance or critical illness cover ensures that if a patient suffers from a dreaded illness such as cancer, there will be the financial cover for the treatment that will be needed to remedy the situation.

Med-claim assist
While members Medical aid pay a large sum on a monthly basis to enjoy certain benefits from their medical aid scheme, they may experience frustration, confusion, or anger, at one time or another, when their medical aid denies or short-pays a claim for medical care. With cover from Med ClaimAssist, members can rest assured that their grievances with medical aid payments can be handled on their behalf, efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

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