Financial Services

We are an independent financial services company based in Pretoria, that offer diversified financial services, from life, investment and commercial short term, to health and life cover. To add value, we provide holistic financial services to ensure the wellbeing and financial securing of our clients. At MC de Villiers, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer expert investment advice to ensure your wealth and wellbeing. We remain abreast of all changes in the industry, operating with integrity, consistency, transparency in financial planning.

Be it retirement planning, life cover or provident funds, choose MC de Villiers to assist you in all your financial affairs.

Beyond the financial products and independent advice tailored to the individual, MC de Villiers also offers employee benefits and a range of value-added benefits through our associations and partners.

Retirement planning
As retirement planning will require continuous reviewing and revising for years to come, plan to retire comfortably with the right advisor by your side. Be it a retirement annuity, provident fund, pension fund, or pre-retirement preservation plan, with Michiel of MC de Villiers, identifying your wants and needs and planning for your future will be simplified.

Life insurance & risk cover
As your financial goals change over time, so will your financial protection. To live your life without worry, we can ensure your wealth is well maintained, and that family is well-cared for if tragedy strikes with life, disability and critical illness cover.

Short term insurance
As we are all at risk of facing financial loss from time to time, short term insurance can be sought to mitigate your risks and protect your wealth. Be it property, fire, theft, or vehicle cover; one can always be grateful for insurance when problems arise. Trust MC de Villiers to assist you with the most suitable short term insurance tailored to your individual needs.

With Michiel’s expert financial planning, your short-term goals and long-term financial objectives can be met and maintained. Allow us to advise you how best to achieve financial growth, through investments, unit trust or endowments.