The dangers of diagnostic error are obvious for both doctors and their patients, yet more needs to be done in the South African context for a more patient-centred approach in healthcare to emerge.
    From a few thousand rands per month, medical indemnity cover has soared to over R1 million per annum for most health-care practitioners. But our medical specialists, specifically, should not be punished for making  themselves available to deliver babies or perform other high-risk procedures.
  • Shariah compliant medical malpractice product
    Genoa Underwriting Managers have brought a Shariah compliant solution through to the under-served Muslim contingent market in South Africa who make up an incredibly valuable portion of the medical malpractice space.
  • COVID vaccine liability reminder: cover at hand
    While it is believed that the South African government has enough supply to vaccinate the entire adult population, there is still widespread vaccine hesitancy and a perception that the vaccine trials were rushed and a fear of possible side effects.
  • Why doctors should keep good medical records
    Many doctors complain that they don’t have sufficient time to keep accurate records, but assuming this attitude comes at a price. If a patient decides to sue, a lack of appropriate record-keeping will mean the practitioner involved does not have the evidence to back him- or herself up in court.
16th Nov 2020

Mindfulness in your daily life

Let’s start with the workplace In our workplace, we are constantly being distracted with many demands and interruptions, making it difficult to remain mindful.
11th Nov 2020

MedClaim Assist

MCA began operations is August 2016 and has since dealt with over 40 thousand claims and saved its clients more than R59 million.
6th Oct 2020

Some insights on underwriting insurance risks

Medical malpractice insurance underwriting is the process of evaluating professional risk and determining the risks involved in business practices.
25th Aug 2020

MC de Villiers Brokers Customer Relationship Management Program

MC de Villiers Brokers are pleased to announce our fully operational Customer Relationship Management Program.
12th Aug 2020

Social media guidelines for healthcare professionals

As you know, social media is rapidly transforming in both the individual and corporate environment.
20th Jul 2020

Why is advice in specialised insurance so important?

Specialised insurance products are complex, therefore doctors need a clear understanding of the processes that need to be followed when obtaining and claiming from insurance.
19th Jun 2020

Aspects and importance of Medical Malpractice renewal

A key aspect of ensuring doctors have peace of mind with their medical malpractice renewal is to ensure that a timeous, effective and efficient renewal process is done professionally on an annual basis.